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The packaging industry is one of the worlds worst offenders for ignoring the environmental issues of modern society.

They have concentrated too much on developing an esthetical product ignoring the waste and recycling aspects of all of their designs.

Many cosmetic and household products are packaged  in containers where a large portion of the product is wasted.

Unusual shapes do not allow the purchaser to utilise the full amount of product purchased and too much goes to landfill.

Governments should legislate that all of the product purchased should be available for the customer to use.

Simple tips such as cutting toothpaste tubes open as they near their end to finish the large amount still in the tube.

Containers could be designed so that as they near their end it can be turned upside down to achieve full usage of the product.

Household plastic chippers should be designed to enable people to reduce the waste into fine particles before going to recycle bins.

Where ever you look plastic waste is the predominant issue and by chipping thousands of square metres of landfill could be utilised better.

The most important of all is public awareness, if ten percent of the advertising had a compulsory environmental portion advising the customers of the best method of usage and disposal.

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