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With nearly 5 trillion dollars being spent worldwide on bank bailouts and support for other “essential” organisations, investment in the environment will be worryingly strained. The recession itself is probably a bonus for the global climate due to a greatly reduced demand for raw materials and power generation.

The blatant materialism of the last decade has hopefully been diluted and peoples demand for ever more plasma screens will have at last reached a more responsible level.

We have advocated for a long time mans need to re-view the whole energy demand worldwide and a concerted effort to globally re-engineer the planets requirements.Governments interests are too short term and vote orientated, the bitter pill we all will have to swallow will need a brave man to prescribe.

The investment will be huge and sadly the bailout money would have gone a long way to repairing the damage. Whether it is too late or not is open for discussion but either way we all know that large scale action is required.

A consortium of the various continents engineering companies to form a group of inspectors to analyse the total effect from energy generation.

Recommendations and proposals then made of how to fast track the re-vamping which would be required to reduce drastically the emissions.

An experienced group then to assess the best way to standardise the engineering, software and construction so that result will be the best that money can buy.

Many plants will be passed their best and better demolished re-utilising as much of the old equipment as possible.A worldwide coordination would be needed for data management as the overall project would be the biggest ever undertaken.With an international influence the best of the modern technology could be incorporated so that the quality is paramount.

No single government will have an influence on “preferred” bidders to avoid the corruption that is prevalent in many countries, complete transparency is essential to ensure all populations are completely onboard.

A pipedream maybe but in many respects the only course that will have the slightest chance. Leaving it up to individual governments will lead to red tape stifling the speed which will be critical.

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