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Wind power generation is watched by the energy industry as a low cost energy producer among renewable electricity sources. The ETC-LU Wind Turbine technology is the world's first innovative vertical type wind turbine system patented worldwide. Our technology is the most efficient, trouble-free wind turbine system providing cheaper electric power. This vertical wind turbine has been developed over 18 years and is now ready to be commercialized in megawatt class systems, up to 3 megawatts per unit.

The fan blades are attached to the vertical shaft and can accept wind from any angle. When the sensor on top detects the wind direction, a motor turns the retractable blades horizontally 90° and the turbine rotates smoothly.

This revolutionary method for capturing wind forces is the main reason that our vertical type wind turbine can convert wind power to electric power up to more than 70% efficiency - a much higher efficiency than the Betz theorem postulates (59%), and more than double, compared with conventional propeller turbines 30-35% efficiency. Because the efficiently is improved so drastically, our vertical type turbines can generate about two times more electricity compared to a conventional wind turbine, using the same capacity generator, and under the same wind conditions.

There are 6 major points which make our system superior to a traditional propeller system:

  1. Better durability
    The driving force is concentrated on one vertical main shaft. As a result, the weight and vibration of the fan blades are evenly loaded and distributed to the outside supporting frame, causing less damage to the working parts of the system compared to a standard propeller type turbine.
  2. Its light weight makes it easy to set up
    The fan blades are a very small size and made of thin (1 mm) aluminum plates which are coated by  Heatless Glass, making it free from damage from rust, freezing, salt, etc.
  3. Easier maintenance
    The power room is built either on the ground or on the roof of the building structure. The maintenance of generators, DC motors, batteries and gear box is easy and inexpensive.
  4. Works under any weather conditions.
    The traditional propeller system operates under wind speeds between 4 m/s and 25 m/s. Our system works beyond this range - however, the cut-out wind speed is set at 40 m/s. Our system has several power generators (currently up to 4 units) and DC motors, making it possible to generate electricity on slower wind speeds such as 1-2 m/s. A lightning conductor is attached on top, protecting the system from lightning attacks.
  5. Lower cost per operation
    Variable and maintenance costs are lower, due to the smaller size, better durability, and easier maintenance.
  6. No Noise Problems
    Unlike a regular propeller wind turbine it emits no low wave sound, and because of the blades' revolutionary development there is no issue with the amount of noise produced.

Also, because of its compact structure it is possible to build the system at locations where it was not possible to build with traditional propeller systems, such as on the roof of buildings. This makes it possible to generate electricity without polluting the environment and with a lower operational

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