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With most of the worlds climatic problems cause by engineered objects it seem natural to assume that these objects have to be re-engineered to compensate for the damage they have already caused.


Whether it is a mineral extraction plant in Africa, a oil rig in the Caspian sea, an aluminum smelter in Australia all were originally created by engineers of different disciplines.

There were the civil engineers for the foundations, structural for the frames, mechanical for the equipment and piping and so on.


There are different processes used in all of these plants and most were designed with different degrees of sensitivity to the environment.

More recently the environment has been a major influence in their development but earlier plants were treated to profit at all costs with scant regard to the effects on the ecology.


The famous scenes of flare stacks burning in the deserts highlighted the stupidity of many companies lack of consideration.

The gas that was being burnt was really the crown jewels of the underground treasury.

Now of course the real value is appreciated but sadly millions of cubic meters of this important commodity has gone forever.


The cost of refurbishment to today’s standards is phenomenal and many plants will not be worth the effort to update.

China is accused of building too many power plants but one aspect is that they should be to a standard which will be much higher than many existing ones in other countries.

More importantly other potential catastrophes may have more effect on the environment such as deforestation.


Each country has a list of priorities but an overall picture is hard to coordinate.

Countries with large poor populations may have less effect on the environment but are the ones to suffer the most.

Education and birth control is seen to be the most effective way of reducing the planets dependence on energy, hard to explain to poor people who see children as a source of work and therefore wealth.


Education is critical provided it is in subjects beneficial to the community.

In recent years many children have been badly advised to follow subjects which have no real substance in today’s world and engineering and the sciences have suffered.

Without this new blood the skills of the aging workers will die and many opportunities to improve the environment will be set back decades.

It is up to individual countries and the world wide community to ensure that the following generations have the skills bases to maintain an energy efficient infrastructure.

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