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Biothene®  is an additive which degrades polythene under the influence of light & heat.  The addition of 2 to 3% Biothene® will produce a photochemically & thermally degradable film.Polythene containing Biothene® will not degrade before being exposed to UV light. 

Once the polythene has been exposed to UV light, the degradation reaction will be triggered & continues even in the dark, such as expected when buried in a landfill site.  Degradation will be accelerated by heat.Once the polythene has been transformed into a fine powder, many studies have shown that biological degradation will take place. 

The end products of biodegradation will be carbon dioxide & water, with a very small residue of non-toxic inert mineral material.  Biological degradation can start when the molecular weight has been drastically reduced & when the surface area of the disintegrated plastic has been enlarged.

The residues of degraded polythene are NON-TOXIC.USAGE.

Biothene® contains active metal ions embedded in the polythene. Degradation starts only after the metal ions have been activated by exposure to a UV light or heat source.

The degradation speed is mainly dependant on:

-The concentration of Biothene®.
-The thickness of the film.
-The type of resin.
-The presence of antioxidant & pigments.
-The temperature.
-The type of exposure.


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