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Marine Engineering involves the design, construction, installation, operation and support of the systems and equipment which propel and control marine vehicles, and of the systems which make a vehicle or structure habitable for crew, passengers and cargo.

Marine Engineering is allied to mechanical engineering, although the modern marine engineer requires knowledge (and hands on experience) with electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, chemistry, control engineering, naval architecture or ship design, process engineering,steam generations gas turbines and even nuclear technology on certain military vessels.

Marine Engineering on board a ship refers to the operation and maintenance of the propulsion and other systems such as: electrical power generation plant; lighting; air conditioning; refrigeration; and water systems on board the vessel.

Marine engineering also embraces other areas such as Underwater Vehicle research; Marine renewable energy research; and careers related to the Offshore extractive and infrastructure (Cable Laying) industries.

Within the last decade there has been a massive growth in floating offshore facilities. Floating,production,storage and offloading ships are now replacing static rigs and could be their replacement. For the environment they are better in many ways. With storms and hurricanes they can be uncoupled and moved to safer waters.

Ship mounted facilities could be the future with incinerators,wind power, wave power,algae generation and even nuclear plants all possible. Many obstacles need to overcome such as terrorist threats, climate change and even unstable governements.

To reuse old tankers and avoid large infrastructure projects would be an advantage to the environment and the flexibility offered would be considerable. The units can be floated to point of demand.

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