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Solar Energy Forecast to Become the World's Dominant Energy Source

At a July 2007 meeting, of a US/China energy think tank group of leading energy industrialists called the Committee of 100, one of the panel was Mr Paul Hanrahan, the CEO and President of AES Corp, one of the world's largest power development companies.

Mr Hanrahan told the meeting that his company had estimated the world's power needs for the next 100 years and the study predicted that in the next 50 years the world's energy needs would grow from a present 14TW to 33TW.

Renewable Energy without Solar Energy Will Not Be Enough

Mr Hanrahan added that if the total combined usable windmill capacity, geothermal well capacity, biomass facility capacity and useable wave energy capacity were exploited, then they would only produce 15TW of power, well short of the 33TW estimated to be required by the world in the next 50 years.

Excluding fossil fuels and nuclear power, Mr Hanrahan said that solar power would become the world's primary source of energy in the long term with an estimated usable world capacity of 600TW. For now, biomass and wind are competitive sources of renewable energy he said, but in the long term, the world demand for power will outstrip the world supply capacity of these resources and solar energy will fill the gap.

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