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We offer a service to assist companies with their new and existing non technical staff.

Many companies assume that their ancillary staff understands what engineering entails but we have found this to be untrue.

With a straightforward explanation of the principals and terminology the mist of uncertainty can be removed.When these staff have a better understanding and interest the whole organisation functions more smoothly.

A basic rudimentary explanation of how engineering is broken down into its different disciplines with simple step by step explanation of the interlinking of all sectors.

We avoid the technical details as that are the domain of the individual experts but when a person knows the difference between a pile cap and a pump then they will perform their tasks more confidently.

After two hours we have found a marked difference in attitude towards a person’s willingness to converse with technical staff.It also enhances the company’s relationships with clients when they feel all members have a basic knowledge.

A power point demo with hard copy back up for reference can be obtained by subscription with support if a telephone-conference preference is required. Please send your requirements to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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