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The idea of edible green curtains began at our factory, a spokesman for Kyocera Group told a press conference at their Okaya headquarters in Nagano Prefecture “as part of our effort to conserve energy.


We erected trellises around the base of the building and planted hundreds of fast growing vine type plants, in an attempt to block direct sunlight from the windows and to keep the building cool.The entire building gradually became covered with these green curtains, which our tests show can decrease the internal temperature by as much as 15C, and can absorb a massive amount of carbon dioxide.


The green canopy reduces the need for air conditioning, fights global warming and helps the environment and now we are introducing it to all of our offices.


Because we use edible plants the green curtains not only keep our workers cool but also give them a bounty of cucumbers, peas and numerous other fruits and vegetables.Our employees say they enjoy watching the plants grow, harvesting and eating the results.One day every building on the planet could be covered with edible green curtains and the problem of global warming could be drastically reduced.
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