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The EU wants to have its cake and eat it too. It wants effective CO2 reductions without the enormous economic impact it knows that would entail no matter how much environmentalists deny it.

The consequences of the sub prime mortgage fiasco which have rippled out from the US and the looming recession is barely a taste of what real CO2 reductions would entail as consequences of industrial and agricultural output cutbacks necessary to achieve them.

This is why the US Congress unanimously rejected Kyoto. Europe has hardly used its time since Kyoto wisely to invent alternative energy sources on a sufficiently large scale to replace the fossil fuel burning plants which now supply much of the world's electrical power and all of its motor vehicle power.

The wind turbine and solar power science fair-like projects are a laughable pretense at a serious effort to solve what is a very serious problem. The notion of scaling them up as a significant energy source ludicrous. Instead it has wasted its precious scientific and industrial resources developing ego boosting redundant technologies such as a super jumbo airplane, an alternative to GPS, a space program, and a super conducting super collider atom smasher. The world could just as well do without all of these. The weasel words of Angela Merkel are just the beginning of the coming sham of a climate change CO2 reduction treaty in which the US will be expected to bear the brunt of real reductions while China, India, Russia, and a lot of other so called developing countries skate free. It won't happen. If it does, you can count on a world wide economic depression almost immediately from which we will never recover and massive starvation in the developing world as the carbon cost of the agricultural output in North America which feeds many of them will be too high to sustain. How will the EU reconcile its past words with its past performance and its own economic and internal political pressures? We will see but if the so called EU Constitution is any measure, it will be with obfuscation, ambiguity, and lots of lies. When the Governator's hair brained scheme to reduce California's CO2 output by making sacrifices to an already weak California economy whose government is about 40 billion in debt all by itself and whose real estate market is all but dead, expect the voters to throw him out of office like an old shoe and revert back to their ME-ME-ME AND ONLY ME mentality. The world is full of people telling other people what they should be doing but not prepared to accept the consequences themselves.The hypocrisy of expecting third world countries that are just on the verge of a first world lifestyle to change direction is unbelievable.An Indian farmer who has toiled all his life watching Americans and Europeans waste the worlds resources will understandably rebel against the idea that he must share equally in this saving of the planet.If we are honest the change that is underway (whether manmade or natural) is irreversible even if the most drastic methods were employed. Al Gores film showed statistics which shows many of the doom scenarios being spread around are clear to see developing. Sadly it will be catastrophic for many unfortunate people who have no opportunity to move to more stable areas.The different governments of the first world will be reluctant to accept large groups of refugees for fear of alienating their own voters. Large scale rioting will occur and many weaker governments will fall leaving anarchy to dominate. Boundaries and borders will be strengthened to avoid large influxes of refugees with fundamental groups keen to escalate their power and create even more havoc.Doomsday scenario, not really it nearly happened after hurricane Katrina in the richest country in the world. Without the military and home guard complete disaster could have easily prevailed, community spirit went out the window replaced with robbery and looting.
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