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Why aren’t we already eating it?

The problem is twofold: lack of awareness and a roadblock in European legislation. “In China they have been cultivating algae and they know a lot more about how to do it. In Europe, we haven’t got to grips with the different species that we’ve got, we don’t know how to cultivate it properly and we don’t know how to process it properly. Algae is going to be the food of the future, but we need help to get there.”

It takes investment to get a new type of food production of this scale off the ground, and experts say: “The investors want to invest, people want algae, but one of the big roadblocks is that we’ve got really tight legislation

Essentially, most types of algae aren’t legally recognised as “food” in Europe. Dunaliella “is being consumed in America and has been eaten in Japan for centuries, but in Europe it’s got to pass the Novel Food status categorisation, and until that happens, we can’t eat it”.

But attitudes are changing all the time, and millennials are leading the way,  “There’s a big move amongst young [people] who want to have healthy lifestyles, who want to move to algae; a lot of work is now showing people are much more receptive than they used to be.|

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