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Could A New Energy Cold War End

the World's Addiction to

 Oil ?

The prospect of a new energy cold war, that potentially could be waged by unfriendly energy rich countries, hopefully, may turbo charge new alternative energy developments and spur the introduction of fuel efficiency measures in oil consuming countries.The threat of using the weapon of cutting off the oil supply or turning off the gas or any other energy supply to a country could accelerate developments such as large scale electric vehicle use and plugging all forms of transport into the home grown electricity grid.

Actually, the threat of a possible energy cold war may be a silver lining in disguise in the energy security and global warming debate.The need for energy security may also force the hidden cost of petrol to diminish and maybe eventually disappear over time through the widespread use of home grown alternative fuels for all forms of transport..

Q. What is Energy Insecurity ?

A . A country's dependence on foreign energy sources.US Defence Analyst Mr.Milton Copulos, has calculated that the hidden cost of automotive gasoline was US$8.35/gall in 2006. According to Mr Copulos, defence related spending to protect oil delivery systems amounted to 1/3rd of the hidden cost ($2.70)Money outflows to the bank accounts of oil producing countries amounted to 2/3rd of the hidden cost ($5.65)Mr.

Copulos estimated that the true cost of gasoline to American consumers was over $11/gall in 2006 when the pump price was only around $3/gall. Based on these numbers it would pay Washington to subsidise the development of substitute fuels and require effective fuel efficiency measures to help make the hidden cost of gasoline to diminish and eventually to disappear.

Q. What is the Energy Trifecta ?

A. The Energy Trifecta is Energy Security with Environmental Improvement at Affordable Prices.

Q. Explain the coming Energy Revolution 

A. The coming energy revolution includes new sources of energy for the following applications:-

Stationary Energy - To power homes, factories, hospitals, schools and stationary infrastructure - Primarily electricity generation distribution consumption at a reasonable price

Mobile Energy - To power transportSubstitute Fuels Examples- Biofuels. Hydrocarbon sources. Grain Ethanol. Cellulosic Ethanol and Biobutanol. Tar Sands. Coal. Natural gas. Oil Shale

Q. What Is Negative Oil. Efficiency. ?

A. Negative oil is substituting home grown oil sources for imported oil.

Q   What are the Predicted Energy Shortage Factors and Causes ?
A    Many Reasons Including:

  •    Demand Reasons - World Population Increase .
  •    Supply disruptions.- Weather events/war/terrorism
  •    World Motor Vehicle Increase - Traffic congestion. More fuel used, Peak hour trips
  •    Existing Oil fields Peak - Then decline in production
  •    Oil Producing Countries - Own Needs are met before Exporting -
  •    Oil Producers - Conserve oil for their future economy
  •    Oil is used as a weapon - People turn off the oil & gas valves.
  •    Fundamental economics reasoning is that price is a function of supply and demand.
  •    Pointing towards the expectation of higher future prices for oil.

Q What is a Barrel of Oil ?

A. 42 gallons established by King Edward IV in the 15th century

Q   Explain Carbon Footprint per capita. 

A. CO2 tons per year per person.Carbon Footprints from major economies: 

USA  21.4

Russia 13.0

EU-15  9.5                

China    5.6

India     2.0

The EU-15 includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK

USA is the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter per capita and China is the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter in the aggregrate.  

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