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Will the financial crisis reduce environmental concern.

 Will the latest credit crisis changing the world’s capitalistic society remove funding for the planets problems?

With major companies collapsing on a daily basis the environmental issues will by many be considered of less priority.

The plunge in the oil price will change attitudes by the oil majors to build new plant.Utility companies will need to follow the trend into alternative sources of power seen by governments as a vote winner.

The governments are now the bankers to the worlds industries due to their nationalisation of the financial world, so will they use this power to influence voters.All parties must see this as a crucial time to win back votes and “change” the world and learn the lessons highlighted by this chaos.

This could be the ideal opportunity for the environment to establish its credentials with the governments as the tool to restart a discredited society.A coordinated approach to solve many of the problems faced by mankind could be seen as the biggest step forward out of the quagmire.Instead of starting new projects why not revisit old technology with a new modern view.

Many plants are borderline and could with new process reviews be re-engineered/constructed to carry on for a period during which real new energy creation can be developed.On our site there are many sectors covering the different forms of energy generation, some of which are extremely exciting.

There must be a concentrated approach to coordinate these various forms and to commence a new direction in joint ventures.Waste heat, emissions and water are perfect components for algae bio fuel which has no detrimental effects on world food.Wave power combined with desalination, solar and desalination in certain parts of the world, geo thermal with major infrastructure projects such as roads, all need to be considered.The use of concrete must be reviewed as it is one of the biggest pollutants known to man.

Reusing old super tankers as floating power stations capable of being moved to the point of need.

The sad waste of old (but reusable) equipment sold as scrap when re conditioning could be easily carried out. An engineering E Bay for old plant and kit such as the warehouse on www.petrochemlink.com.

The public in general must have a say in these matters and their input would enable them to participate in moulding future decisions.Left up the majors and banking has proven to be catastrophic with vast tracts of the planet ruined by the rush to make money. Short term gain long term loss.Solutions to thiese problems please send to  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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